Politically Speaking

Update – March 2017

Parliament Hill Like Never Before

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle

Since 2006, I’ve turned my camera into a politically speaking machine. I don’t need to say much as the photos speak volumes about the Parliamentary Precinct and all its gothic architecture.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleI sell stock photography to Graphic Designers working for Communications and Advertising firms. I’ve found a niche in the photography of Parliament and want to share this beautiful imagery with the business, political, diplomatic and creative communities in Canada. This night image, Political Glow is an example of the type of photography you can expect from the Canadian Parliament collection. With more than 250 images, this collection covers all the political buildings on the Precinct. They include, the Library of Parliament, the Confederation Building, the Centre, East, West and Langevin blocks.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleIt’s all about Canadian pride. People who license images are business professionals looking to improve readability and give depth to the story with rich photography that says pride, history and freedom.

Canadian Parliament photos by MIchel LoiselleHave a look at the Canadian Parliament collection. Images start at $12, and are available for immediate download. You can also get a “comp” image (free small photo) for design approvals before actually purchasing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit on Parliament Hill and thank you for reading.

Have a great evening!



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