Night Shots

Update – March 2018

After dinner photography.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle

Let’s face it, night photos are exciting and demand to be noticed. This image of the Canadian Parliament with full moon and lights certainly gets our attention. When you need drama on a cover page, consider using a night shot. It could go a long way to deliver the right message to your targeted reader.

Stock photography by Michel LoiselleTake a look a what dark images can accomplish. This small town church does not have the same impact during the day. The stark contrast between black and colored light is amplified bringing more definition to your subject.

Stock photography by Michel LoiselleRemember that night shots portray different moods and can wake up feelings in people’s minds. A night photo says, “look here now” and we always do. Also, viewing a night image always seems to be done in slow motion, as we want to get it all in and study every light pattern and beautiful colors.

Evening, Dusk, Dawn and Twilight

Stock photography by Michel LoiselleLooking here, notice that it’s not quite nighttime. The sky isn’t black yet and lights seem to be more intense against the blue sky. At dusk or magic hour, images take on an unrealistic feel and seem to say so much more.

Stock photography by Michel LoiselleThis example, taken at dusk is also a conceptual image making it that much stronger. Conceptual photos let people imagine what the visual is portraying. Photos like these are ideal for editorial content when you want to deliver drama. A visual for a prison story for example. Below, we see the Zakim bridge in Boston, also at dusk. It was inspiring to see the lights along with the blue sky. Photos like these are always pleasing and fun to take. So grab the camera, find a subject and head out an hour before sunset and watch the magic begin!


Ottawa Stock Photos by Michel Loiselle

Dawn, the beginning of twilight is also a great time to take photos as seen here with the National Gallery of Canada and the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa. You’ll agree that it warrants a second look. Now we’ve seen night, dawn and dusk. But there’s more.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle

Don’t forget about black & white photography. Besides being a night image, this Canada Day shot is also very powerful as a greyscale photo. Do consider including black & whites in your reports. I invite you to see the Canadian Parliament collection for more wonderful gothic architecture photography.

The photos in this blog are part of the Portfolio offered by Michel Loiselle. Images start at $12 and are available for immediate download. You can also obtain Extended and Multi-user licenses.

Stock photography by Michel Loiselle

Thank you for visiting and have an excellent day! uh night!



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