Fall Photo Collection

Update – March 2017

Appreciating Autumn

Stock photography by Michel LoiselleWelcome to the fall edition. Today, we’re looking at portraying fall in documents and reports. You will need visuals for your project, so let this post suggest a few ways to go about it. Have a look at these images for inspiration.


Conceptual photos can help get your message across. Sometimes an image speaks to you even though it’s not what you were looking for. Fall images are all about intensity, color and light. Things that seem insignificant, now become centre stage. Take this 3-rocks image. Because the rocks spell an odd number, they now demand attention. Use conceptual photos to portray complex scenarios. Just find a connection with your project.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle

The Canadian Parliament image here, October Politics does two things. It satisfies the season aspect and portrays Canada in a powerful way. Below, another look at this angle, a year later and the image is still fresh and colourful.


Stock photography by Michel LoiselleSubjects for this time of year are rich and inviting such as this one where you can almost picture a silhouette of someone walking through the tunnel.

Stock photography by Michel LoiselleWhen choosing photography, ensure that the visual tells a story. In this photo, it’s time to put away the garden; One photo, one message.

Stock photography by Michel Loiselle

The photography in this feature is from my Seasons collection. Photos start at $12 and are available for immediate download.

Stock photography by Michel LoiselleI hope you’ve enjoyed your visit. Thank you and have a great evening!



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