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Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleMichel Loiselle features images of the Canadian Parliament architecture. Michel built a 25-year career at the House of Commons on the Hill as a graphic designer. He’s been shooting the parliamentary precinct architecture since 2006 which resulted in the Canadian Parliament Photo Collection. It now holds over 200 images.

The Canadian Parliament Photo Collection stands for freedom, community, Ottawa, pride, history, education and Canada.

What can we find in the collection

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleYour documents can feature the parliamentary precinct in many scenarios such as evenings, Canada Day, silhouettes, Christmas, gargoyles, inside and night shots. All the buildings of the precinct are featured such as Centre, East, West and Langevin blocks, the Library of Parliament, the Confederation and Justice buildings. You can show Parliament visuals in seasonal projects as the collection features summer, winter, fall and spring settings.

What about image quality?

Political FireworksPhotos are closely scrutinized by image technicians at stock agencies. The files that make the grade are free of noise, color corrected and lightly sharpened. We start with high-resolution 300 dpi RAW originals and convert them to JPG format.

When viewing photos in Mostphotos.com, click inside the image to zoom in at 100% pixel size and appreciate the photo quality. Try it here on the Parliament fireworks image. Small, medium or large, the photos are optimized for size.

What about license use?

The LibraryThe licensed images from Mostphotos.com and other agencies, are yours to keep and use however you want, for as many different projects as you want. You can download any purchased image multiple times. Read the Mostphotos Terms and Conditions PDF document to see what you get with each image. Photos can be shared within your own personal office only.

Who is licensing Parliament Images?

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle– Members of Parliament, Clerks and Senators, political consultants, analysts, reporters, insiders, commentators and bloggers.

– Government agencies and crown corporations rely on professional images for documents, reports, presentations and Web sites.

– The media need access to Hill photos for breaking news, special events and daily parliamentary activities.

– Art/creative directors, graphic designers and publishers look for professional high-quality imaging for magazine layouts in print and electronic formats for their clients across Canada.

Ottawa Cityscape– Business professionals are featuring Parliament photographs in PowerPoint presentations making them authentic, original and prideful.

9 PM Politics– Canadian Ambassadors, Diplomats, embassy staffers and the global diplomatic community use visuals to promote Canada.

– Other uses, conference materials such as banners, posters and kiosk booths, as well as postcards, calendars, newsletters, press releases and Canadian reports.

See the Canadian Parliament photo collection

Do visit the Canadian Parliament Photo Collection and see how you can benefit from an important Canadian resource.



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Canadian Parliament seasonal photos. See how this stock photographer approaches it!… fb.me/wFWRbDka



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