Nighttime On The Hill

Update: March 2018

Welcome to “Nighttime On The Hill. A look at our institutional architecture bathed in warm colorful light. It’s a fact, night images say look here, and we always do. Enjoy!


This image is called Political Glow and it sure gets our attention. You should know that night images get more attention every time. I’ve gathered some after dinner images of the buildings on Parliament Hill.

Parliament photos vy Michel Loiselle
The Peace Tower during the Canada Day Fireworks celebrations on July 1st.

The West Block of Canada in front of the Peace Tower, on Wellington Street

The Centre Block and the Library of Parliament, after hours

The Confederation Building towers during magic hour

The Canadian Parliament Centre Block during the festive season

During magic hour, the Justice building, on the corner of Wellintgon and Kent Streets

View of Gatineau from Parliament Hill fence

A silhouette of the Peace Tower, the Library of Parliament and the East Block at sunset

The Parliament Centre and East blocks bathed in warm red sunset and blue Christmas lights

Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial behind Parliament

Overlooking the Centre Block from Major’s Hill park during sunset

The Parliament Centre Block during the Mosaika sound and light show

An Inuksuk overlooks Parliament Hill at sunset

I hope you’ve enjoyed this after-dinner look at our stunning institution that is Parliament.

See the 250 Parliament photo collection for more nighttime images.

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