Knowing our Parliamentary Precinct

Update: March 2017

Parliament Hill

Today, I’m taking you on a visit of the main buildings that make up the Canadian Parliamentary Precinct. They’re based on gothic architecture and have so much to offer and interesting information to read along the way. We’ll see the Library of Parliament, the Confederation building, the East Block, the West Block, the Centre Block and Langevin Block.

The Confederation Building

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle
The Confederation building corner of Wellington and Bank streets. Its interior was renovated in the 1970s to mark a shift from accommodating departmental staff to housing a number of government Ministers and Members of Parliament with their staff. Read the Confederation Building article to know more.

The East Block

Angry East Block
The East block, sits on the East side of the Centre Block and mainly houses Parliamentarians and Senators. Find out about this very interesting building in downtown Ottawa just above the Rideau Canal.

The interesting part of this structure is that it looks different from the front and the back.

The Library of Parliament

The Library
The Library of Parliament, also part of the Parliament Precinct, houses all the important documents needed for MPs to do their jobs. It is wonderful with originality and pride. It’s an amazing building set in the High Victorian Gothic Revival style by Thomas Fuller and Chilion Jones. It opened in 1876. Directing a staff of 300, Sonia L’Heureux was appointed Parliamentary Librarian on June 22, 2012. Read the photo essay on this incredible structure. The Library of Parliament was the only building left standing after the fire of 1916 destroyed most of the Centre Block, because an employee remembered to close the iron doors of the Library before leaving on February 3.

The West Block

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleThe West Block of Canada. Sitting just West of Centre block.  It houses Ministers, Members of Parliament, their staff, committee rooms, and an important ceremonial space. It is presently being renovated. In 2019, it will be the temporary space for the House of Commons Chamber when the Centre Block closes for renovations.

The Langevin Block

Langevin Closeup
The Langevin Block, corner of Elgin and Wellington streets spanning to Metcalfe street, and takes a whole block in front of Parliament Hill. This building is mainly used for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) business. It was the first federal government building to go up after Centre, East and West blocks on Wellington Street.

The Centre Block

9 PM Politics

The Centre Block, what most people relate to when thinking of the Canadian Parliament with its 4-sided clock is recognized worldwide and is the number one tourist attraction in Ottawa year-round. It stands proud every day with its gargoyles at the entrance representing England and Scotland. There are tours specifically for schools to help our children better understand the architecture and legislative side of this incredible architectural wonder. Let’s not forget the history that goes behind the Parliament Centre block with all its Prime Ministers, Ministers, Members of Parliament and of course the Pages working to help Members accomplish their daily tasks. Here, we’ll take you on a seasonal tour of the Canadian Parliament Centre Block. Enjoy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting the Parliamentary precinct and all its buildings. The images from these blog articles are from the Canadian Parliament photo collection. A 200+ collection of our Parliament buildings in scenarios such as Canada Day, inside, evenings, silhouettes, gargoyles, night, seasons, Christmas and much more. Have a look at the collection and I’m sure you’ll find something for your next project. Images start at $5 and are available for immediate download.

Thank you for visiting and have an excellent day!

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