Reality is Also Art

Update – March 2017

Imagine my surprise when I saw the scaffolding at the National Gallery of Canada. What is it? An art exhibit? I had to go back and take the shot. Even the renovations are artful. Those workers look like LEGO characters. It’s great!

Ottawa Stock Photos by Michel Loiselle

photo: Michel Loiselle

Great Hall Windows Replacement

2013 marked the 25th anniversary of the National Gallery of Canada’s building on Sussex Drive, which although still magnificent is now in need of some maintenance.

The building underwent some crucial repairs, including the replacement of all windows enclosing the Great Hall and the  reconstruction of thirteen roof assemblies within the skylight.

Ottawa Stock Photos by Michel Loiselle
The $9-million project was urgently needed maintenance. The 25-year-old building , for years had leaks in the hall’s vast interior. In fact this project has turned into a work of art after all. For now, gallery director Marc Mayer will only say that the blue tarp made to cover the project is a “surprise,” that will somehow be connected to Sakahan, the big summer exhibition of Native art from Canada and around the world.
Ottawa Stock Photos by Michel Loiselle

photo: Michel Loiselle

Here are some pre-construction images for you to enjoy! The Ottawa photos here are part of a collection starting at $5 and available for immediate download. Have a look at the Portfolio on

Ottawa Stock Photos by Michel Loiselle Here is the National Gallery of Canada in all her glory and the Notre-Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive. If you visit Ottawa, it’s a must and, free on Thursdays. Now that’s a great deal! Source — The National Gallery of Canada Web site, The Ottawa Citizen. Thank you for reading and have a great evening.



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