Parlez-Vous Parliament?

Update – February 2017


Parliament Stock Photos For Documents

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleIf you’re a parliamentarian, you speak Parliament everyday. You may work for a Member of Parliament or with a government agency in some way or another, you probably speak Parliament more than you think.

I’ve been parlez-vous Parliament since 1984 when I started working as a Graphic Designer on Parliament Hill. Also, I’ve photographed these incredible architectural treasures since 2006 and now have an extensive collection of images to share with all who wish to enhance documents or reports with Canadian photos.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleIt’s all about Canadian pride. Why use Parliament photos? Well it’s not what people expect to see in a document or PowerPoint presentation and is always a pleasant surprise for the reader to see the beauty that is our Canadian Parliament Heritage architecture. What I’ve done is phototographed the buildings of the Parliamentary Precint including the West, Centre, East and Langevin blocks, along with the Justice and Confederation buildings. These structures can be seen in all kinds of settings such as Seasons, Day, Night, Inside, Canada Day, Christmas and more!

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleIf you’re from Canada or Ottawa, these photos will go a long way to bring professionalism to your communications whether in print or online. Photos add a certain importance to your articles or blogs. See the 200+ collection of Canadian Parliament photos starting at $12 and available for immediate download.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleHave a look at the collection, and, you too will answer yes if asked “Parlez-Vous Parliament”?

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle

Have a great evening!




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