Fortress You Say?

A Castle in Ottawa!

Stock Photography by Michel Loiselle

A few minutes from the Canadian Parliamentary Precinct, facing Major’s Hill park and neighbour to the American Embassy, you’ll encounter a beautiful castle. Complete with turrets and stone walls, the Connaught Building is a solid and impressive Gothic Tudor style structure. What could this building be? I thought. Then I saw the sign:


So, next time you wonder if our tax dollar is safe, remember the CRA castle Headquarters and you’ll be just fine. Only in Ottawa!


Built in the style of Modified Norman and designed by David Ewart, Connaught was opened in 1915 and named after the Duke of Connaught, third son of Queen Victoria and Governor General of Canada 1911-16. Designated as a “Classified” federal heritage building, primarily for its architectural significance, the structure is considered to be the “Crown Jewel” of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) the occupant of the building. The Minister and Commissioner of the CRA have offices in the building. Due to security and operational considerations, access is limited to the MacKenzie Street lobby area.

Stock Photography by Michel Loiselle These photos are available from the Michel Loiselle stock photography Portfolio. Also, a 200+ collection of Canadian Parliament images starting at $5 and available for immediate download. Have a great day and enjoy your refund!



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