Working With Designers

UPDATE – March 2018

Anatomy of a Parliament photo

The Canadian Parliament in winter at dusk in Ottawa, Canada. Photo by Michel LoiselleI provide stock photos to art/creative directors, graphic designers and business professionals. When creating images, I think of what the designer may need even before I take the shot. As a graphic designer myself, most times, I’ll need to add text and title such as for this coffee table book project.

Consider this image: Path to Politics, from the Canadian Parliament photo collection. It’s ideal for a Powerpoint title page or report cover. Simple is key. The Parliament is lit just enough without having blown highlights and the magic hour is just starting; not too dark, not too light. The rock creates tension and reinforces a low perspective view. The winter season brings a crisp, cool feel to the piece. Finally, a beaten path shows that many people walk here, while the sunset is placed to promote left-to-right viewing. See what I mean with this visual.


The shot was taken with designers in mind. There is plenty of copy space on top and bottom; the image works well. When shooting, I’m thinking of these concepts to help creatives achieve their communications objectives.

Canadian Parliament photos by Michel LoiselleHere is a fictitious layout to help us visualize a project. Once we see the possibilities, it becomes easier to select cover photos, not just for their attractiveness, but for their overall functionality.

Even with text, the piece doesn’t feel crowded or overdone. With a few tweaks, this could work out quite well.

The Canadian Parliament in winter, seen from Major's Hill Park in Ottawa. Photo by Michel LoiselleProviding Options

Designers need variety, so I like to create a series on a same theme. By providing similar scenes, you get more options, like this vertical image of the same location in the morning. Same principle here, space for text on top and bottom. Horizontal and vertical photo solutions just make sense. Taking this a step further, another photo shows the rock in summer. As a photographer/designer I ensure that these choices are available.

Taking it Further

Now we’veCanadian Parliament photos by Michel Loiselle gone full circle and finished the product in the new layout. We did not resize any of the elements; just a few positioning adjustments and the job is almost done.

In these situations, the landscape cover could be used for Powerpoint while the vertical version is ideal for a report cover or poster. This way, consistency is preserved and the pieces take on a more branded feel.

When I’m photographing, I sometimes picture the textual information in my mind in order to get the perfect cover page image.

See the Canadian Parliament photo collection for more turn-key visuals.

Thanks for visiting and have a great evening.




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